About Bloom

The Why, What, and For Whom?

The Bloom Ministry LLC was founded in a response to our Lord’s commandment to “Go and make disciples”. The ministry has a dual branding, Bloom/POD Communities. A “Bloom” is a disciple who is produced by a process we call POD Communities.

P.O.D. Communities

The term “POD” is taken from these three Greek words:

Pneuma – Spirit

Oida – Intimacy

Dunamis – Power

Relationship Building

These three elements, P.O.D., are woven throughout the teaching process which is taught in the context of a small group – thus the term POD Communities. This is the seed and soil from which a disciple, a Bloom, is reproduced – thus our tag line, Reproducing disciples who experience God’s love and transforming power. A disciple is to “bloom” by reproducing more disciples – thus our other tag line, Bloom where you are planted.

The teaching videos and related material are all available online. The videos can be streamed on the internet and viewed on many types of devices including a TV (best for group settings). Our website address, eBloom.tv, captures the essence of this resource.

Note: The following is the video script. It also provides other entertaining video clips to help make the points (just click on the links).

The Why, What and For Whom?

When Jesus chose His disciples, He said, “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” I can only imagine that they were both thrilled and fearful about that calling – not knowing what lay ahead. But what could be more exciting than to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and to experience His love and to love as He loves?

Today, the call remains the same as Jesus has commissioned His church to love by going and making disciples; yet, the fear of answering that call persists. There may be some hesitations such as Well I don’t know enough, I don’t have the necessary tools, I might be rejected or persecuted, I don’t have time, or I  believe it’s not my job or calling and so on. The Bloom ministry addresses those issues and goes to the heart of spiritual transformation and empowerment for holy living.

This ministry is for those who are serious about growing in their walk and experience in Christ and have a longing to live a purpose-filled life; however, there is no greater fable in Christianity than the promise of commitment without a cost. Disciples are made, not born. The key to joyful, victorious Christian living is costly commitment. God’s Word says, “Discipline yourself for the sake of godliness.” We cannot sit back passively and hope for holiness. Your role is to allow the Lord to renew your mind. Yes, the cost is high, but the rewards are great because all of His promises are reserved for those who answer His call.

To that end seven essential transformational topics are taught. They go right to the roots of Christian motivation. Each topic dishes out solid food, meat for the hungry, and freedom for those trapped as Christian POWs. The teaching process utilizes multi-faceted learning techniques and is structured in a way to provide the Holy Spirit the maximum opportunity to accomplish His life changing work.

Making disciples is far more than an event or program; it is a process that is best experienced in a small group or POD setting. There, you can experience real community and not the shallow alternative. Disciple-making in the context of community should be regarded as the “mission of our lives”.

POD Communities can be viewed as the “Seed and Soil” from which a disciple, a “Bloom” so to speak, is reproduced. The seed is God’s Spirit and Word, and the soil is growing intimate relationships from which His power flows.

If you choose to join Him in the process then He will give you a solid foundation for victorious Christian living, thus, causing you to “Bloom where you are planted”. This resource is offering you a tool to reproduce the life of Christ not only in your life but into the lives of others as well. It’s a lifestyle that produces a spiritual legacy, “Disciples who Make Disciples”; thus our tag line, “Reproducing disciples who experience God’s love and transforming power.”

The Lord Jesus is calling you to give your life away in order that you may gain even more. I would like to leave you with a quote from Jim Elliott: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”

May the Lord bless and keep you as you seek Him and His will for your life.