Stu Schaefer


Stu‘s journey to having a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ has been challenging over the years. In his youth, he grew up in one of the major denominational churches. He unfortunately was left with a sour taste. The same occurred when he went to college and had another bad experience in a church setting. He remembers he always had a hunger and thirst for a relationship with God, but could not find the path. Others encouraged him to attend church, including a girlfriend, but his distaste for organized religion kept him at bay. Finally, an auto mechanic who was working on his car asked him if he wanted to grow in faith and asked him if he would considering sitting down with him on a weekly basis to study the Bible. Stu agreed, and for the first time He started to see God had gifted him in many ways, had a purpose filled life for him, and he started to sense the Holy Spirit's presence in his life.

This experience created a major thirst within him. He took it upon himself to seek Christian counseling in his quest for an authentic relationship with God and answers to some of life’s struggles. The counselor guided him as he began to experience intimacy with God and discover Biblically-based applications for real-life situations. The counselor knew of the Bloom disciple-making ministry and encouraged him to participate. As he went thru the Bloom training in a small group setting (POD), he said, “All the dots began to connect.” Now, he enjoys intimacy with God, has a thriving business, and enjoys on-going fellowship with his POD community members.

As Stu was going through the Bloom/POD teaching, we felt that the overall learning experience could be enhanced. His personal training career path inspired him to create what the ministry now calls PEA’s for the POD. PEA’s stands for Personal Exercise Applications. Each of the seven teaching sessions spans a four week period. Week four is designed for a brief review of the session’s topic and then focuses on the PEA’s. They are created in a way to help all participants have a hands-on, practical application experience with the intent of moving knowledge to action.

Stu has received a number of academic rewards and graduated from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, where he also became a personal trainer and wellness coach. Stu is the bestselling author of the book, "Lifetime Physique", which has changed the way thousands of people approach success and wellness. He has recently published “The Novo Method” – a new scientific approach to create instant and permanent changes that allow one to seize control over their thoughts, feelings, and outcomes. To learn more about Stu visit:

Stu lives in Castle Rock, Colorado where he continues to work on his writing and personal development. He also enjoys many hobbies including photography, golf, fitness, and even indulging in old Magnum P.I. episodes.